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Lorelei Responds to Witchcraft Accusations Against Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry was going to buy a former convent when two nuns connected with the property tried to block her, even accusing her of witchcraft as a practice of the "devil!" They pointed to her visit to the Crow Haven Corner, where Lorelei had helped her perform a love ritual.

Witches are peaceful people that do not worship or even believe in the devil! Lorelei speaks out on the recent story about Katy Perry visiting Salem and the Crow Haven Corner. She reminds us that witchcraft is a peaceful religion, and this country must embrace greater religious acceptance. 

Salem Saves Animals Protests at the Salem Courthouse!

Jason Gentry, who has been charged with animal abuse for torturing and killing dogs, was arraigned on bail at the Salem Courthouse on January 15, 2016. Lorelei led Salem Saves Animals in protest for his arraignment as they continue their call for animal justice.

The full story is featured in the Salem News.

Watch Lorelei and Salem Saves Animals chant in protest at the Salem Courthouse in this video! They chanted a spell to invoke justice against Jason Gentry:

"Justice fall on Jason's head
By the dogs that now are dead
By these words that we have said
Prison is Jason's final bed!"
(So Mote It Be!)


Lorelei Cast Her Famous "Apple Love" Spell for the Boston Globe!

In October the Boston Globe visited Lorelei, Salem's Love Clairvoyant, at the Crow Haven Corner. In her Egyptian Room she cast her "Apple Love" spell for one of the cameramen, to attract love and romance into his life!
Read the full story at


Lorelei's House Magic

Lorelei, the Love Clairvoyant of Salem, gives a tour of the magic around her home, above the Crow Haven Corner!

Lorelei's Stone Oracle

Lorelei, Salem's Famous Love Clairvoyant, introduces her Stone Oracle, new to her psychic phone line at!
She demonstrates how the stones work and what they can tell you about your present.
You can choose your three stones on the Crow Haven Psychics website by visiting the new 
Stone Oracle page and clicking on the bowls in the table photo.

Mojo Spells at the shop and online!

Lorelei is proud to present her famous Mojo Spells, prepared by her and her team of witches at Crow Haven Corner's one-of-a-kind Mojo Altar!
Be sure to visit the Mojo Altar when you come to our shop in Salem and pick out the herbal blend and magical stones that speak to you, and our witches will bless and charge a Mojo Bag for you to keep at home or carry with you!
Lorelei prepares every Mojo herbal spell with a blend of up to five or six magical herbs and blesses them on New and Full Moon rituals to give them their charge. Find your spell jars in our Salem shop or 
order them online!


Spell Cords by Laurie Cabot!

The Crow Haven Corner proudly presents a unique collection of spell cords handmade by Laurie Cabot, Salem's Official Witch!
Each spell cord is a one-of-a-kind creation assembled from beautiful, powerful charms and talismans. Laurie Cabot has blessed and charged each cord to give it a specific purpose, including protection, love, wealth, and more! Visit our shop in Salem to see them, or 
order yours online!


"The Magic of Salem"

November 4, 2014

Salem's Love Psychic Lorelei and Salem's Warlock Christian Day were two of the featured speakers in this new mini-documentary by Boston filmmakers Kiva Liu and Silver Qi!

Katy Perry cast a love spell with Lorelei, and she can do one for you!

August 4, 2014

Katy Perry's visit to the Crow Haven Corner featured in People Magazine!


Lorelei casts spell for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Friday the 13th

January 13, 2012

As seen on Fox News and CI News Now.


Lorelei and Christian Day perform a ritual at the Crow Haven Corner for "warlock" Charlie Sheen

March 6, 2011

Fox News story on Salem witches' responses to Charlie Sheen's "warlock" claims.